About Us

About Us

The Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues was initiated in October 1989 by Drs. Ali A. Peyvandi and Benjamin Y. Tai, Professors of Accountancy at The Sid Craig School of Business, California State University, Fresno. The primary objective of the conference is to provide an important forum for academics and practitioners to enhance the understanding of international accounting issues in various Asian Pacific countries. Since its inception, the conference has made substantial progress in terms of participants and international reputation. At present, the conference is one of the most respected and renowned accounting conferences in the world.

The first conference was held in Fresno, California in 1989 and attracted 150 scholars and practitioners from 96 institutions and 17 countries to participate, discuss, and share their experience in harmonizing international accounting practices in the Asian Pacific region. Academic research papers — as well as practical hands-on workshops — were presented and discussed and ideas were exchanged. Due to its overwhelmingly positive reception, the Conference has grown and matured in the ensuing years.

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