Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where is the Conference taking place?

The 30th Asian-Pacific Conference will be held November 11-14, 2018 in San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.

What is the venue of the 30th Asian-Pacific Conference?

The conference venue will be at Hyatt Regency, San Francisco. (https://sanfrancisco.regency.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.html).

What are some of the possible topics for paper presentations and panel discussions?

Paper presentations and panel discussions on international accounting and other related international business topics are invited. Major topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Cryptocurrency Issues
  • Data Analytics Issues
  • Blockchain Technological Innovation on the Financial Sectors
  • Disruptive Innovations and Implications for Accounting and Business
  • Global Accounting and the Challenges of IFRS
  • Global Currency Issues
  • Accounting’s Role in International Capital Markets
  • Regulation of National and International Banking
  • Implementation and Value Relevance of IFRS
  • The Accountability of Government Functions
  • Changing Paradigm in Accounting, Finance, and Management
  • Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
  • Accounting for Carbon Credit
  • Sustainable Reporting
  • Micro-Finance
  • Forensic Accounting
  • International Accounting Research, Education, and Practice
  • International Financial Issues
  • Corporate Governance and Accountability
  • Earnings Management
  • Revenue Recognition and Quality of Earnings
  • Adaptability of International Accounting Standards
  • Capital Markets
  • Behavioral Issues in Accounting
  • Social and Environmental Issues – Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development: Performance Measures and Indicators
  • Impact of International Free Trade and Investment on Accounting Education and the Profession
  • Comparative Analysis of Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Finance, in an International Arena
  • Contemporary Issues of Advanced Technology in International Accounting (such as Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning and E-commerce on Accounting Systems)
  • Information and Control Systems for Multinational Corporations
  • Interrelationship between Accounting and Other Disciplines (such as Management, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Human Resource Management and Information Management)
  • Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
  • Comparative Ethics in International Auditing and Business
  • Cross-Cultural Studies in International Accounting
  • Impact of Currency Fluctuations on Financial Reporting and Control
  • Impact of International Mergers and Acquisitions on Accounting Practice
  • Privatization of Governmental Functions and Government Enterprises and their Impact on Accounting
  • Accounting-Marketing Issues
  • Accounting-Finance Issues
  • Accounting-Human Resource Management Issues
  • Accounting-Entrepreneurship Issues
  • Accounting-Management Issues
  • Accounting Programs and Leadership
  • Government and Nonprofit Accounting
  • History and Integrative Teaching and Curriculum
  • Financial Reporting for Islamic Products/transactions: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Issues in Public Sector
  • Other related international business topics

How do I submit my paper(s)?

  • Each participant is required to submit One Page Abstract(s) and Full Paper(s) ONLINE. The paper should not exceed 35 pages.
  • Click “Submit Paper” at the conference home page, it will bring you to the paper submission website
  • Follow the instruction to create an account, if you do not already have one.
  • Follow the instructions to complete all the REQUIRED fields and submit your One Page Abstract(s) and Full Paper(s) in SEPARATE files (in Microsoft WORD format).
  • Please make sure you input all of your co-author(s) information as well.
  • The confirmation of submission(s) will be acknowledged via email within 24 hours.


  • Abstract(s) without Full Papers WILL NOT be considered for viewing process.
  • All papers will be subject to a blind review process. The submission of a paper for review means the author certifies that the manuscript is not copyrighted, and has not been published elsewhere.
  • Please keep in mind that if you are the co-author of more than one paper accepted to the conference, at least one of your co-authors of the other papers must register.

How do I register for the conference?

The registration form is available at the conference website.

How do I register a guest?

You can provide the guest(s) information on your registration form, under the Guest Information section.

What are the conference registration fees?

  • General Registration fee: USD $450
  • Student Registration fee: USD $350

What does the registration fee include?

Admission to all Conference Sessions, Printed Conference Program, Digital Conference Program and Proceedings, Welcome Reception, Luncheon, Coffee Breaks, Gala Dinner (Banquet and Entertainment).

What are the important deadlines that I have to observe?

  • Abstract(s) and Paper(s) Submission Deadline: May 15, 2018
  • Paper Status Notification Date: June 30, 2018
  • Registration Deadline: September 3, 2018
  • Hotel Reservation Deadline:  September 3, 2018

Can I still register for the conference if I miss the deadline?

Yes, you can. There will be a late fee applied for the later registration: $100 for General Registration and $50 for Full-time Graduate Student.

Can I cancel my conference registration?

Yes, you can cancel the registration before the deadline by September 3, 2018, there will be 20% deducted from the registration fee. After the deadline, September 3, 2018, it will be no refund.

How do I make the hotel reservations?

The hotel reservation link is available on the conference website.

What is the conference rate for the hotel?

$259++ for standard room. Please note the numbers of the standard rooms are limited.

Which airport shall I fly to in San, Francisco CA, U.S.A?

The airport code is SFO.

Who should I contact in case I need help with any conference information?

Crystal Cui, Conference Program Coordinator
Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues
Craig School of Business
5245 North Backer Avenue M/S PB7
Fresno, California 93740
Tel: +1 559 278 4723 
Fax: +1 559 278 7838
Email: lcui@csufresno.edu or info@apconference.org